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What's Your Answer Yes or No?

  • Are you a new kid on the business block?
  • Believe visibility that sells is only for the already rich and famous... and the guru's but not you?
  • Happily keeping the company of those who drain your energy, and suck you soul?

If you answered YES, then it’s best we part ways now.

Because Be Seen Academy and it's inner circle is not for you.

But, if you answered NO I know you are destined to make a difference in today's world.

Full of self confidence, with a new found freedom in your veins at what a small business can do in the world, I know you've begun building your business.

After a confident start, you've likely wound up wondering how you can have more people know about what you do, without having to become an internet celebrity.

How do you make it work:

  1. with too much to do and not enough time?
  2. with a low to no audience?
  3. without a whole team of videographers, copywriters and a sales team?

AND it's likely that you want to FINALLY stop listening to the 'well meanings' who don't have a clue about what it takes to be authentically visible and listen to the actual steps that got me some great gigs...

Gigs like...

Working with well known people... and big brands... corporate companies and household names

Then you're in the right place to boost your visibility it's EXACTLY the right time because you can do it too...

Go you, you CAN do this! *gives you a virtual high five'ing hug*

Your Instructor

Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen

Ready for Visibility when speaking, presenting or on video?

I show you the kind of visibility that has people and companies find you, value you and remember you.

Courses Included with Purchase

Quick Visibility Boosts
Quick and easy visibility boosts for your business
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Video Confidence in 12 Days (or Less)
Go from camera shy to camera ready in less than 2 weeks
1 Course Bundle
Speak Out Authentically in 28 Days
Stand Out And Talk About What You Do With An Authentic Confident Voice
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
3 Questions That Kick Start Your Visibility
Questions for a magic making mindset
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
11 Ingredients For A Brilliant Bio
Creating Speaker Bio Busy Business Owner
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Ultimate Visibility Plan
Plan Your Visibility, Monthly, Quarterly & Annually
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Be Seen On (and off) Screen Recording
Connect with clients consistently and feel more confident on camera.
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
3 Ways To Use Video To Boost Your Visibility
Everything you need to know about the top 3
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Peak behind the scenes 080419
Everything you wanted to know about what Jenny does and more!
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Live Q&A' Calls
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
How To Grow On Instagram
Live Guest Interview with Estelle Keeber
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
How To Pitch For A Ted Talk
Starting with the video....
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Multiple Streams of Income
and how to create this for you!
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Create Consistent Content
Consistent Visibility In Less Than 30 Days
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Huge Tips to Get You Speaking More
...and how to use the VIBES system to help you
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Accidental Mistakes That Savvy Business Owners Make On Video
and How to Avoid Them ~ One
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Accidental Mistakes That Savvy Business Owners Make On Video
and How to Avoid Them ~ Two
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
How To See Something Differently
A nibble of a nugget!
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
How To Speak Out Authentically In Your Business
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Do You Tell Tales...
Developing Your Compelling Stories...
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Making Money?
Cash flow nuggets you'll want to hear!
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Create The Year & Life You Want
originally recorded in 2012...
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
SALES Visibility - Top 10 Sales Tips
How to turn being visible into sales of your services and products....
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Quiz: Discover Your Speaker Style
Capture the hearts and minds of your audience live or online
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
5 Firm Foundations For Your Facebook Ads
with special guest Kristen Robinson
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
What is the Visibility V.I.B.E.S.™ Guide
...and how can it help me?
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Nail The Sale Webinar
for Confident Conversations That Close...
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Be More Visible...
The A.B.C. of getting your work known
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
New to Zoom?
5 Quick Tips Especially If You're Hosting!
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen
Dee Blick's Marketing Masterclass
get the most out of your marketing during a lockdown
Jenny Kovacs | Visibility For Professionals
Jenny's Brain Exposed!
and how it helps you to be visible...
Jenny Kovacs Visibility Queen

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Be Seen Academy start and finish?
The Be Seen Academy starts from the moment you hit the buy button and never ends! It's filled with a complete library of Visibility raising nuggets so you decide when you start and when to finish Fresh new pieces are being added on a monthly basis and you're not tied in.
How long do I have access to the Be Seen Academy?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you keep up your monthly subscription AND you can access across any and all devices you own. Phone.. Tablet... Computer... Laptop, anywhere where you have internet connection.

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