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Get confident on camera, raise your visibility on VIDEO over 12 Days.

No studio, technical knowledge or special equipment required, just use your phone, tablet or laptop. in around 10 - 15 minutes per day.

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Confidence on Camera isn't just about your ability to 'do' video!

It's about doing it with comfort, confidence and credibility. (Especially if you're a business owner, consultant, author, coach or a people serving business, who wants to get your work out to more people in the world).

So here's what it's not about…

✖︎ making videos in a studio

✖︎ having perfect hair and perfect make up

✖︎ using a script to record your videos

✖︎ recording videos which look stiff, wooden or unnatural

✖︎ carefully rehearsed videos which you record a gazillion times before sharing

✖︎ learning technical video skills

✖︎ ninja SEO techniques

It's everything about:

✅ You making easy videos "on-the-go"

✅ Your ability to actually connect with the people who are watching your videos

✅ knowing what to say whenever you decide to make a video

✅ Allowing your viewers to take action from your videos

✅ Creating the kind of content they want to listen to and engage with

Although there's more, 5 key things you'll learn over 12 days are:

1. A quick and easy ways to get your videos seen by bigger audiences

2. How to make a credible impact on camera (and these are not the 'usual ways' you may have learned)

3. Effective ways to talk about what you do, and what you're about, without selling your soul

4. Easy ways to get into your video vibe, so they, your viewers see the authentic, incredible and real version of you

5. Ideas of what to actually speak about! There are a wide range of video 'types', over the 12 days you'll be able to create at least 12 content videos for your own audience if you choose to.*

*Note this is not a requirement

Be Seen & Heard - Raise Your Visibility so your listened to, noticed and remembered. Learn fun and professional ways to become more visible on video, whether you're a newbie or already comfortable camera so you can make a difference to many.

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Discover Your Video Confidence

Video Visibility in 12 days or less

Discover Your Video Confidence

Video Visibility in 12 days or less

Want to use video’s for marketing…


You tell yourself it’s a lot of work, too technical and you don’t have the budget for a studio?

Perhaps you think you don’t have enough time to do them AND don’t know when (or where) to start?

That is until now…

In 2010 I began using video to promote my business, then became aware of the millions of people who felt anxious at the thought of ‘doing video?’ (If that’s you, you’re not alone).


During one-to-one client work, at networking meetings and even at a corporate client’s sales meeting, I started to share what I’d discovered with clients who were feeling ‘camera shy’, introverts who preferred a more behind the scenes approach and people who thought being on camera meant having to have high technicals skills.

What also stopped them was no time, low cash and not ready yet.

I decided that as I could show you straight away, know exactly how to help in a short space of time and really enjoy it, I would.

Not one day... Not someday.

But today, right NOW

…and all in under 2 weeks!

Since 2010, I’ve worked with hundreds of ‘one man band businesses’, thousands of people and senior professionals, showing them the easiest way to master videos ‘on the-go’ and helping them to understand why starting with a videographer, studio time and brain tangling technology, slows them down and stops them from raising their profile, being visible or getting promoted.

In fact Consultants, Coaches, Designers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Holistic Businesses,, Health & Wellbeing professionals, Business Owners, and start ups other all have ONE thing in common,

You want your clients to really understand you, your businesses and why they should buy from you without having to give away free sessions, travel to a gazzillion meetings and spend unnecessary time away from home.
Many businesses still don’t see how they could do this on video, or why their business need to do it.

One client who worked in the IT sector and went from not feeling able to give presentations, at all, to being the face of their company’s corporate videos...

Another had never considered making video’s for their small business, they thought they had to be face to face for people to properly understand what they do, let alone buy services from them, that all changed when they made their first video from their woodland garden at home, and the bookings began flooding in.

I love working with business owners who want to make video’s, but so many in the past, they “had a go”, then they’d lose the confidence to actually share them or post them. By simply gathering a few easy to use techniques, in under two weeks, video’s were made, great information shared and visibility was raised.

If you're getting started, restarting or doing video for yourself in your own business, by yourself, you can easily start from where you are. Running before you can walk is the quickest way I know to flatten your confidence.

If you’ve decided that on some level, it’s time to be seen, to be heard and to make stronger connections with new people, then check out the autumn season of The 12 Day Video Game.

Start by consistently creating content rich video's, making them both educational and motivational until you're consistently visible on camera to your audience. The one thing I know for sure is that you'll feel happy, confident and fulfilled when new people find you and your work.

On this confidence boosting online course, you’ll learn:

~ How to create confidence on camera, making videos an easy regular occurrence
~ Ways to describe what you do, so that your viewer gets it and wants to know more, no matter how ‘wacky’ your business is
~ Easy non technical ways to make video, no editing necessary, so you can literally shoot and go!
~ Where to look, how to be and things to say on video
~ Create consistent video content, relevant to your professional life and business

You’ll find this one of the most fun, easy and friendly ways to make video’s which stand out, no studio, tech skills or fancy equipment required.

What you’ll need:

~ 5 - 10 minutes per day to watch and do, what's on your video (no time consuming special techniques.
~ Your mouth, your arm (or someone else's) and a phone which has the function to record video
~ A Facebook account, as you’ll be in an exclusive Video Visibility raising group
~ the willingness to play along, this isn’t a challenge, it’s actually great fun
~ Consistent tenacious attitude to go through the 12 days and you'll receive great feedback inside the group.

You’ll have the additional opportunity to ask me for opinions and questions while actually making video’s for use online too… bonus!

Get booked on and I'll see you insside...

Why I created this course...

and how it helps your confidence on camera

Your Instructor

Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"
Jenny Kovacs aka "The Queen of Being Seen"

If you're ready to be visible in a way that raises your professional profile quickly, I show you easy ways to stand out. Visibility that has professionals found, so you're valued, credible and remembered.